The Subtle Art Of Not Giving AF By Mark Manson

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving AF By Mark Manson

The headline of the book is a bit interesting. This book was moving around my eyes for a long period of time. In social media, people use the headline of the book in the wrong way. I just saw a meme going around the internet about a country leader holding this book. The meme says that the national leader is not paying heed to the current situation of the country. I think people miss understands this book. I also thought the book to be different.

The name The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fu*ck is a kind of headline that gives a message to readers that this book is going to teach you how not to care about anyone’s opinion or you won’t care about anything of anyone. The book is not like that. Here in this article, I’ll try to give a short summary of the book.

This is not a promotional post for sure. If you think you need this book, you can read it and that’s it. I’ll just share my personal opinion after reading the book. So let’s get started with the short bio of the author.

About the Author

The book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fu*ck is written by Mark Manson. Mark Manson is an American self-help author and a blogger. He was born on March 9, 1984, in Austin, Texas, United States. Mark Manson is a young writer who became two times best-selling author in New York Times. His books have already sold more than 14 million copies worldwide.

His books were translated into more than 65 languages all over the world. When the book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fu*ck was released, it was the most-read non-fiction book in 2017. Before being an author, Mark Manson was a blogger. He started blogging in 2009 and he was able to attract millions of audiences within a few months. He also told that he was a failed musician before he started blogging.

Inside The Book

The book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fu*ck is a #1 New York Times best-selling book and it is one of the most-read non-fictional books in recent years. The book was released in September 2016. The book has 224 pages inside it. I haven’t read all the chapters of the book because I was not interested in those.

I’m a person with strong religious beliefs so I was not interested to read things about what gonna happen after death or when we will die. I already carry those beliefs from my religion. Beyond the last chapter, let’s talk about 8 more chapters in the following that I found really amazing.

The author considers himself as a failure in becoming a musician. And he successfully discovered the reason for failing. And I found that one of the best things in the book because I was able to relate to it. The author dreamt of being a musician and doing a concert in front of a thousand audiences. He spends years dreaming about becoming a musician. And after school, he joined music coaching to learn. But things were not going the way he thought they would go. He started facing difficulties in the process of being a musician. The process was way too hard than he thought it would be.

The author was not ready for things like the pain of finding gigs and actually getting people to show up. The broken strings, the blown tube amp, hauling forty pounds of gear to and from rehearsals with no car. And so on. The process was way too hard than he realized. The author says that he was in love with the result- the image of singing on stage in front of a huge crowd that cheering him. Rocking him up and pouring his heart into what was he playing. And the author says that,

I wanted the reward, not the struggle, I wanted the result but not the process. I was in love with not the fight but only the victory,

This was one of the best lines from the book I got. I was also able to relate to it. I also failed in many events of my life because of the same things.


The book has some really harsh truths about our life. Most of them make sense to me. And I was able to relate to many things. Now let’s see some reviews and ratings about the book. The book  The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fu*ck got a 3.9-star rating in Goodreads out of 5. In Google, it was liked by 91% of people who rated this. In the audience rating summary of Google, the book got 4.2 out of 5. Share your own thoughts about this book by commenting on the following.


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