Book Review: The Archer By Paulo Coelho

Book Review: The Archer By Paulo Coelho

If you are a fictional book lover, you may have heard the name of The Alchemist. The book was one of the best-selling books in the history of the world. And the author is a very popular story writer Paulo Coelho. The very latest book of Paulo Coelho is The Archer. This is also a fictional book like The Alchemist. But the storyline is very much different. The Archer is a story of a young guy who is seeking wisdom from wisdom who is an expert in bow and arrow.

This is kind of an inspirational fiction book just like The Alchemist. And this book was liked by millions of audiences around the world. And today I decided to go the depth of the book and try to bring something from it. Here in this article you will find short details about the author and then we will go inside the book and in the end, there will be a conclusion with reviews and ratings of the book.

About The Author

I think we all know him already. Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian Lyricist and Novelist. He is worldly popular for his amazing book The Alchemist. The book was one of the best-selling books in the world. And were translated into more than a hundred languages. The author was born in 1947 in  Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His full name is Paulo Coelho de Souza. Many movies were created by following his novels. Some of the successful works of him are The Alchemist, Veronika Decides To Die, Eleven Minutes, The Pilgrimage, and so many more. One of his latest books is The Archer. It was also a successful fictional book with inspirational messages about life.

Inside The Book

The book was first published on 27th September 2017. The book contains almost 110 pages. And you will see some blank pages and also pages with some illustrations only. I saw some people complaining about the illustrations and some were praising. It is a very short book and can be finished within half or in an hour But this small amount of time may give you life messages that will last long. This is a story of a boy who was in search of a guy named Tetsuya who was retired from public life. The guy is an expert in bow and arrow. The boy was finding many answers to his curious mind about the bow and arrow. Let me explain a bit further.

The arrow is like an intention and the bow is the energy. And the target is also a very important thing here. The concept of arrow and bow and also the target has to be understood deeply. It is not so easy to explain the whole message of the book in one article. Our life is like the arrow, bow, and target and we often target something then we send the bow but it misses. Why it misses? The reason can be seen or even unseen. Maybe it is because of the wind that you can not see. So you have to go according to the wind to hit the target well enough.

I don’t think the book has disappointed too many people. And if you are not so expert in reading novels, you can start with small books like this. This book is easy to read and hopefully easy to understand also.


Now let’s see some reviews and ratings about the book. It was the very latest book by Paulo Coelho. People were expecting too much and eagerly waiting for it. This book may not be able to beat The Alchemist. But as an inspirational novel, this book has many things to express. 92% of Google users have liked the book so far. In Goodreads, the book got 3.7 ratings out of 5.

I saw some negative reviews of the book. Because people were expecting too much from the author because of a previous book. This book also sounds the same as the previous best-selling book The Alchemist. Beyond all, this book also got so many positive reviews. And I saw positivity way much than some negative reviews. Which are normal for all kinds of books. If you have already read it, please share the best takeaway from the book with us.


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