Most Renowned Japanese Woman Writers

Most Renowned Japanese Woman Writers & Their Popular Books

This is even though most of the readers around the world are women, and that so much of the best writing always comes from women writers. Japan, where are most of the renowned women writers. I came here such a thesis where are described most popular and renowned women writers’ brief biography and their popular books. Are you also devoted to the topic? Then let’s go to know about the Japanese women authors.

Yoko Ogawa

Yoko Ogawa is one of the most favorite writers in Japan in the Heian period. She was born on March 30, 1962, in Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. She graduated from Waseda University and lived in Ashiya, Hyogo with her husband and son. Yoko Ogawa was a Novelist, Short story writer, and Essayist.

She published more than fifty works that contributed a vital role in Japanese literature. Yoko Ogawa won more than eight awards at different times for different works and fictions. She wrote The Diving Pool which was deliberated most wonderful novel at that time, and Yoko Ogawa won the “Shirley Jackson Award” in 2008.

Yoko Ogawa’s Popular Books

Yoko Ogawa wrote many books and fiction. She published more than fifty fictions and modifications. I will try to present here the popular books of Yoko Ogawa and these books’ brief descriptions at a glance. Just take a look.

Yoko Ogawa's Popular Books

Natsuo Kirino

Natsuo Kirino is a renowned Japanese author. She was born on October 7, 1951, in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Natsuo Kirino was a novelist and a leading figure of female writers of Japanese fiction. Natsuo Kirino’s father was an architect. She won the ” Edgar Award” for her best novel “Out”, and she is most famous for the novel. She also got more than ten awards and prizes for her significant works. Natsuo Kirino’s work is remindful of American hardboiled detective stories, but her multiple narratives use finally assured the readers. She is engrossed by human nature that she said.

Natsuo Kirino’s Popular Books

Natsuo Kirino wrote many books at different times. She wrote novels and short stories. She won prizes for her works. I will try to present here some popular books by Natsuo Kirino. Now let’s go to take a look at the books at a glance.

Natsuo Kirino's Popular Books

Mieko Kawakami

Mieko Kawakami is a Japanese author and poet from Osaka. She was born on August 29, 1976, in Osaka, Japan. She is a fiction, poetry, and short story writer. She initiates empiric and poetic language into her short stories and novels. Her notable work is “Ai no Yume to ka”, and she won the “Akutagawa Prize” for the work. Mieko Kawakami worked as a bar hostess and bookshop before beginning a singing career. She exempted three albums and three singles and she quit the singer career in 2006. She got more than seven awards and recognitions for her important works.

Mieko Kawakami’s Popular Books

Mieko Kawakami wrote many books of fiction, short story, and novel. I have already presented here some popular books of Mieko Kawakami with the text below. Follow the text to check out the books.

Mieko Kawakami's Popular Books

Sayaka Murata

Sayaka Murata is one of the most renowned Japanese authors who was born on August 14, 1979, in Inzai, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Often she read science fiction and mystery novels as a child in her childhood. She graduated from Kashiwa High School and attended Tamagawa University. She was a writer and convenience store clerk. Her first novel was Jyunyū, and she won the Gunzo Prize for the novel. She also got the Mishima Yukio Prize, the Noma Literary New Face Prize, and the Akutagawa Prize for her different works.

Sayaka Murata’s Popular Books

Sayaka Murata works in fiction, novel, and short story. She published many books which contributed a significant preface to Japanese literature. Now let’s go to check out the popular books by Sayaka Murata.

Sayaka Murata's Popular Books

Hiromi Kawakami

Hiromi Kawakami is one of the most famous Japanese writers who was born in 1958, in Tokyo, Japan. In 1980, Hiromi Kawakami graduated from Ochanomizu Women’s College. Her first story was Sho-Shimoku which was published in 1980. She got numerous awards and recognition from Japan. Her works were adapted into films, and the works were translated into almost 15 languages. Her works contributed a monumental preface in Japanese literature. Sho got the Akutagawa Prize, the Tanizaki Prize, the Yomiuri Prize, and the Izumi Kyōka Prize for her important works.

Hiromi Kawakami’s Popular Books

Hiromi Kawakami wrote many books of science fiction and novels. Now I am going to present here some popular books by Hiromi Kawakami. Please continue reading to get the books’ names.

Hiromi Kawakami's Popular Books

Yuko Tsushima

Yuko Tsushima is a renowned woman Japanese author, born on March 30, 1947, in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan. She was a Japanese fiction writer, essayist, and critic. She graduated from Shirayuri Women’s University. Tsushima was considered one of the best important writers of Japanese literature. She won numerous Japanese literary awards for her works. Her works were translated into more than 12 languages. She died on February 18, 2016, when she was 68 years old.

Yuko Tsushima’s Popular Books

While Yuko Tsushima studying at Shirayuri Women’s University, she published her first fiction at the age of 24. She wrote numerous books which played an important role in Japanese literature. Now take a look to get the books by Yuko Tsushima.

Yuko Tsushima's Popular Books

Hiroko Oyamada

Hiroko Oyamada is a renowned Japanese writer. She was born in 1983, in Hiroshima, Japan. She graduated from Hiroshima University. As a new writer, she got the Shincho Prize in 2010. She also won the Oda Sakunosuke Prize and Akutagawa Prize. Oyamada won the Shincho Prize for a short story collection Kojo.

Hiroko Oyamada’s Popular Books

Hiroko Omayada wrote some exciting books. I will try to present here those books at a glance. Please take a look to check out the books’ names.

Hiroko Oyamada's Popular Books

Yukiko Motoya

Yukiko Motoya is also a renowned Japanese writer who was born on 14 July 1979, in Hakusan, Ishikawa, Japan. She is a Novelist playwright, theatre director, and voice actress. She got many Japanese literary awards and dramatic prizes, namely, Akutagawa Prize, the Noma Literary, New Face Prize, the Mishima Yukio Prize, the Kenzaburo Oe Prize, the Kishida Kunio Drama Award, and the Tsuruya Nanboku Drama Award. She is an interesting and well-writing author.

Yukiko Motoya’s Popular Books

Yukiko Motoya wrote many books which are important for the literature of Japan. I have collected the popular books by Yukiko Motoya and presented these books with the text below. Please take a look to get the books.

Yukiko Motoya's Popular Books

Okay, riders. It was the thesis, where is discussed most eight renowned Japanese authors and their popular books’ description. Now come to inform your opinion in the comment box. What are your feelings after reading the whole article? If you have any questions about the article, please, of course, inform me through the comment section.

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