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Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination Book By Edogawa Ranpo

Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination Book By Edogawa Ranpo

The most popular Japanese author Edogawa Ranpo’s Tales of Mystery & Imagination, is a popular title for posthumous writing compilations. This book contains a selection of his short stories, which can be considered mysteries and adventures.

Edogawa Ranpo had shown imagination and a flair for unsettling characterizations in this Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination. Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination is the first volume of Edogawa Ranpo translated into English.

One added information is this book was written with the quick tempo of the West. Here I will add some important information about this volume and provide basic knowledge about each short story of the Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination book.

Edogawa Ranpo, The Author Of Japanese Tales Of Mystery & Imagination

Edogawa Ranpo is a popular Japanese author and critic. He was born in Nabari, Mie Prefecture, in 1894. Edogawa Ranpo played a major role in the development of Japanese mystery fiction. Edogawa Ranpo is well known by the pseudonym Edogawa Ranpo and romanized as Edogawa Rampo.

He published the mystery story “The Two-Sen Copper Coin” and made his literary debut in 1923. After 2 years of World War 2, Edogawa was ordered by government censors to drop his story “The Caterpillar” in 1939. This story was published without incident a few years before, from a collection of his short stories that the publisher Shun’yodo was reprinting.

Edogawa dedicated a great deal of energy to promoting mystery fiction, understanding its history, and encouraging new mystery fiction in the postwar period. At the age of 70, Edogawa Ranpo died on July 28, 1965.

Japanese Tales Of Mystery & Imagination Summery

The containing stories of Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination are The Human Chair, The Caterpillar, Two Crippled Men, and The Traveler with the Pasted Rag Picture are most popular. Including these stories, The Human Chair is probably Rampo’s one of the best-known short stories that is not much of a mystery.

Japanese Tales Of Mystery & Imagination

Japanese Tales Of Mystery & Imagination

The Human Chair

The Human Chair is Edogawa Ranpo’s most famous story, including Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination. One of the most unfortunate things about this story is that anyone who comes to it already knows enough about it. The Human Chair tells the readers a story of a chair that holds a dark secret.

The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar story opens a story of a woman. Her husband returns from war with such serious injuries that she must constantly care for him as he has lost all of his limbs and the ability to talk. This is a horror story and not much in mystery, although it is imaginative and contains very strong imagery.

Two Crippled Men

Two Crippled Men is the story of Saito and Ihara, who sit and discuss their life stories. The 2nd man said that he has suffered from somnambulism since childhood and believes he was murdered while sleepwalking. After hearing this story, the 1st man named Saito tries to suggest that the evidence may not be as conclusive as he thinks.

The Traveler with the Pasted Rag Picture

The Traveler with the Pasted Rag Picture is the last short story of the book named Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination, the strangest tale. This story is about a man who travels on a train and finds a passenger seat.

He noticed that the passenger had a package containing a lifelike rag picture of an older man. A young woman also sat in a traditional lovers’ pose. Then the man went to tell him the incredible story behind that picture.

Japanese Tales Of Mystery & Imagination Review

Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination is undoubtedly one of the most popular books of Edogawa Ranpo that is a collection of some mysterious short stories. I think you all should read this awesome book.

If you read this book, you will know about some different short stories because it is an excellent collection from my perspective. There are two horror stories: The Human Chair and The Red Chamber, which are mind-blowing. I think you all will be glad after reading all the stories of this book.

I have nothing to say, but I surely recommend reading this amazing book. I tried to make this article informative; however, if you had noticed any misleading information in the reading period, please look at it to your kind attention and add a comment in the following comment section. If you are interested in reading more articles like this, you read about; Specialties Of Japanese Folktales.

Japanese PDF is what you are reading now! my mission is to gather all the PDF books possible for you and make them available for you. So that you can know about Japanese literature more. Thank you for checking in here and reading the articles or PDF. Have a nice day!

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