Ichigo Ichie : The Art Of Making The Most Of Every Moment – Book Review

Ichigo Ichie : The Art of Making the Most of Every Moment – Book Review

The twentieth century’s distracted life is making our life harder and harder each day. People are being sad about what happened with them in the past and tensed about what gonna happen with them in the future. People forgot to live in the present moment. We forget that we only have it now. Our past is already gone, we can not get it back no matter what, and the future isn’t guaranteed yet. We all know that, but somehow we are lost in our thoughts. One of the most important principles to live a happy life is to learn how we can live in the present moment and enjoy every minute of it.

That is why I’m reviewing a book that teaches us how to live in the present moment. The name of the book is Ichigo Ichie: The Art Of Making the Most Of Every Moment. This book was written by researching the lifestyle of a bunch of happy Japanese. In the following, I’ll try to give you some hints about the book.

About The Author

Just like the book Ikigai, this book was also written by two authors. One of the authors of this book is Francesc Miralles, and another author’s name is Hector Garcia. They both did some really amazing works on researching the lifestyle of the Japanese. Francesc Miralles is a Spanish writer who was born in 1968 in Barcelona, Spain. Hector Garcia is also a Spanish writer who was born in Alicante, Spain, in 1981. Hector Garcia is also a citizen of Japan. He lived in Japan for a long time. Both of these writers were in touch with amazing Japanese and wrote many books together. One of their books is Ikigai, a Los Angeles Bestseller, and this book Ichigo Ichie also did a very good job of making an impact.

Inside The Book Of Ichigo Ichie

Let me start with a fictional story first. Then hopefully, the concept will be cleared to you. Once upon a time, a hunter was walking through the deep forest of the Himalayas. Suddenly the hunter saw a hill that has a gate to enter into it. And the hunter can see what was happening inside the gate of the hill. An older man was near the gate of the hill. The older man called the hunter and told him to see what’s inside the gate.

The hunter listened to the older man. The hunter has seen some amazing scenarios from the gate of the hill. A stunning view of a village where children were playing with joy. People were at so much peace, and they all were happy. The overall view was just too much attractive. The older man offered the hunter to come and stay with them. The hunter was so excited to go there. But he wanted to bring his family and friends with him.

The older man said that this is the gate of Shambhala. This gate opens only once in a lifetime for someone. If the hunter comes back with his family within the sunset, they can enter through it. If he can not come within the time limit, the gate will automatically be turned off forever.

The hunter goes to his own village and brings his family and friends with him. But the sad thing is. They have crossed the time limit, and the gate of Shambhala was closed. And then the hunter spends his whole life finding the gate of Shambhala. But never got it again.

Every moment of our life is like the gate of Shambhala. Each moment of our life is unique, and it only comes once in our life. Every moment of life is called Ichigo Ichie. The Japanese word Ichigo Ichie means ‘for this moment only’ or ‘once in a lifetime. The book also gives us the same message. The book teaches us the importance of living every moment of life and missing it in this distracted life.

This book can be an eye-opener for you to live every moment of life with prosperity and joy. I will recommend you read this book if you feel lost in the present by your thought of past or future.


Nowadays, our life is full of distractions. We kept ourselves busy with things that do not let us live in the present. We often get depressed about our past and often be tensed about the future. And we forget to live the present moment that only exists. We only have it now. The past is gone, and the future isn’t guaranteed. That is why the best way to enjoy our life is to be in the present moment. The book Ichigo Ichie by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles teach us the same thing. If you haven’t read the book yet, you can read it, and do not forget to share your review with us in the comment box.


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