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It’s Not That Hard: How To Read Books Consistently?

How To Read Books Consistently – Fiction And Non Fiction

How To Read Books Consistently? We often start reading books with too much excitement, but after a few days, those excitements vanish. And the books we have bought to complete within this month or weekend stays like the crest in our showcase.

Why can’t we complete the book? Or why can’t we continually keep reading those books so those can benefit us? The first reason is too simple. We do not have the habit of reading books consistently.

So, How To Read Books Consistently?

Well, our life can not adjust to a new change easily. Your older habits just beat up the new habit of reading books so you can not keep reading them and complete them within time. But there is a solution too. Not only just building the habit, but there are also some other ways to keep you on track to complete the book.

Whatever the book, fictional or nonfictional, or even your textbooks too. These methods and techniques can be applied to any of your favorite books. But I’m specially mentioning self-help books including fiction and nonfiction. Here in the following, I’ll be discussing key ideas that will help you to consistently read books and finish them within the time you want.

How To Read Books Consistently

Before we get started; a study by has been published on their website about Tips to Reading WAY More Books This Year; I hope this study will help.

Find Your Favorite Genre

Ask yourself that what types of books you want to read. What types of books make you excited about reading them? If you had the habit of reading books at a time in life but somehow lost it. Then try to remember what type of books you were reading then?

This situation is related to me. I used to read science fiction when I was in school. But gradually I got lost in the busy world. But still, now I remember those days when I used to be very excited about a new science fiction book.

If you haven’t read books in your life, that’s okay. Just pick your favorite genre. Let me give you options. There are Self-help books, Philosophical Fiction books, Science Fiction books, Action thriller books, Spy thrillers, Crime Thrillers, Adventure, Novels, and so many more categories. Just pick up your favorites.

Take 30 Days Habit Change Challenge

This is the most effective method that you will find on the internet. This has helped me too and still helping me. Suppose you are a person who can not push yourself to finish books. Then this idea will help you if you follow it properly.

Some authors say that it takes 21 days to transform a habit. That’s not 100% true in all cases. It may take a month or even more. So if you can continue the process for 30 days, hopefully, the habit will be transformed.

But I know it will be hard for you to continue till the 30th day. But there is a method that will make it a bit easier.  First, pick a time to read your favorite book; it can be your holy religious books like Quran or Sahih Bukhari.

For example, if you want to read books before bed, pick a time every day and then get disconnected from the world. Now let me show you the action plan to implement it easily.

Action Plan Of 30 Days Books Reading Challenge

This may change your life: The first one or two days will be so good. You can feel the excitement here. But after two or three days, you will notice your mind is trying to skip it. Our body does not like new changes in life until it’s a habit.

But if you can avoid the trap of the first two or three days, you are fifty percent done. We will divide the 30 days plan into three parts to make it easier. One part will have 10 days.

The second and third will also have ten days each, You have to take a note and make a list of 30 days divided into three parts and make points so you can mark the completed days. This is how you can track your progress in reading books each day.

The first ten days, including the third and fourth days, will not be very easy. These are the days when your mind can even force you to skip. But you have to continue; you have to force yourself for a better chance.

After completing the first ten days, now jump into the second ten days. But remember, do not take a rest day. Do not think of skipping even a single day. If you do, you have to start it again from the beginning. The second ten days are also not going to be too good.

But you will feel less pressure from your mind that was telling you to skip in the first ten days. And after completing the second ten days, this is the final ten days. You have already completed 80% of building new habits.

These ten days will be easy for you, and hopefully, you will get the full enjoyment of reading books and learning things in this period. And after completing the thirty days challenge. The change within you will be noticeable. Please do not skip even after 30 days.

Now, hopefully, it has become your habit so you do not have to give yourself pressure to read books. Now just find your favorite books and keep completing them regularly. And please do not forget to share your progress with us.

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