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Writing is a passion. Here you will know about one of the most famous writers in Japan named none other than Hiromi Kawakami. Surely She is a popular writer and a popular novelist in a certain period in Japan. We can notice that Hiromi Kawakami is one of the oldest writers of Japan in the present world. She had written so many world-famous novels in the period of her young age and gained so many top-class awards for various work. In the following discussion, we are going to know about the biography of Hiromi Kawakami. So don’t waste any more time and read the article fast to last.

Hiromi Kawakami

Hiromi Kawakami is a well-known Japanese writer. Generally, she is so much popular for her off-beat fiction, poetry, and literary criticism. The time was April 1, 1958. A girl was born in Tokyo, Japan, and in the future, she becomes a popular writer. She is none other than Hiromi Kawakami. She grew up in the Tokaido neighborhood of Suginami City. She is also a Novelist. She has some other notable works too. Those are Tread on a Snake, The Briefcase, or Strange Weather in Tokyo. Her writings also adapted for films in 2014 and translated into more than 15 languages. Hiromi Kawakami finished her graduation from Ochanomizu Women’s College in 1980.

Hiromi Kawakami

Hiromi Kawakami


Hiromi Kawakami started her writing life after completing graduating from college. “Yamada Hiromi”  was the first debut work by Hiromi Kawakami that was edited by Yamano Koichi and Yamada Kazuko. With her second work, she reinvented herself as a writer in mainstream literature in 1994. In middle school and high school, she also taught science. But at the time, her husband had to relocate for work, then Hiromi Kawakami became a housewife.

Generally, she is so much popular for her off-beat fiction and well known as a contemporary novelist. Her first book was a collection of short stories entitled God named Kamisama, published in 1994. NW-SF is a Japanese science fiction magazine, and Hiromi Kawakami started editing this magazine after finishing college life. Sho-shimoku was a short story by Hiromi Kawakami that was appeared in that magazine in 1980. Hiromi Kawakami had to rewrite her debut short story named “Kamisama” for including the events of Fukushima into the story.

She also produced a love story between a woman in her thirties and a man in his sixties in her one well-known novel named The Teacher’s Briefcase. Nishino Yukihiko, no Koi to Bōken, is a famous novel by Hiromi Kawakami. Based on this novel, a film was released of the same name starring Yutaka Takenouchi and Machiko Ono. Her prize-winning novel is Manazuru that won the 2011 Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Prize.

Writing Style

Generally, the writing style depends on what type of writer she was. Normally, Kawakami’s emotional ambiguity is explored and describes the intimate details of everyday social interactions that are so much subtle and provocative. Fantasy and magical realism are also noticeable elements in many of her stories. Her writings are compared with Lewis Carroll and Banana Yoshimoto.

Her writing stories and novels became so popular that many of her stories and novels were translated into English. Some of the writings in them are- God Bless You, The Moon and the Batteries, Mogera Wogura, The Ten Loves of Nishino, and Blue Moon. She becomes one of the bestselling Japanese authors only for her contemporary fiction.

Awards and Honors

Hiromi Kawakami is undoubtedly a famous writer and novelist in Japan. So got so much popularity for her awesome writing stories and novels. She also won so many honorable awards for her amazing and mind-blowing works many times. Many films were also released, depending on her various novels. Here I mention all the awards Hiromi Kawakami won in her whole writing career in the following table.

Year Awards
1996 Akutagawa Prize (for Hebi wo fumu)
2000 Itō Sei Literature Prize (for Oboreru)
2000 Woman Writer’s Prize (for Oboreru)
2001 Tanizaki Prize (for Sensei no Kaban)
2007 57th MEXT Minister’s Award (for Literature)
2012 Man Asian Literary Prize shortlist (for The Briefcase)
2014 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize shortlist (for Strange Weather in Tokyo)
2015 66th Yomiuri Prize (for Suisei)
2016 44th Izumi Kyōka Prize (for Literature for Ōkina tori ni sarawarenai yō)
2019 Medal with Purple Ribbon

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