Famous Japanese Literature

Famous Books Of Japanese Literature

Most of the Japanese books, especially novels, are so popular to the Japanese literature readers. Here I’m going to share with you some famous books of Japanese literature. These books also translated into English, and some of them adapted into movies and TV shows. These books considered as the must-read book for everyone who likes to read Japanese literature’s writings.

Almost Transparent Blue

Japanese author Ryu Murakami wrote the Almost Transparent Blue novel. This book first published in 1976 and considered one of the best books of Japanese literature. The story of this book is about the author and his friends. They trapped in a cycle of sex, drugs, and rock and roll during the 70s. I hope you will like this book a lot.

Kokin Wakashu

The Kokin Wakashu novel is also well-known to the Japanese literature readers as Kokinshu. is an early anthology of the waka form of Japanese poetry, dating from the Heian period. This book published in 905 by order of Emperor Diago, who was the son of Emperor Uda.

The Tale of Genji

If you want to read the best classic work of Japanese literature, The Tale of Genji is a must-read for you. Japanese author Murasaki Shikibu is one of the famous Japanese authors who is the author of this book. The Tale of Genji first published in the early years of the 11th century. The Tale of Genji is a popular Japanese novel series. Royall Tyler translated this book into English. This book has 50 parts.

The Pillow Book

Sei Shonagon is a Famous Japanese fictionist, short-story writer. The Pillow Book is one of the great works by Sei Shonagon. This book published in the early 1000s in Heian Japan. The story of this book deals with the fascinating detailed of Japanese court life in the eleventh century. This book translated into English by Ivan Morris.


Natsume Soseki is well-known to the Japanese literature readers for his contribution. The Kokoro book is the second most famous book by Natsume Soseki, which first published in 1914. Later in 1996, this book translated into English by Edwin McClellan. The story revolved around an unnamed protagonist, who meets his mentor, whom he refers to as Sensei.

Kafka on the Shore

Japanese author Haruki Murakami wrote Kalfa on The Shore novel. This novel first published in 2002. And later in 2005, Philip Gabriel translated this book into English. This book received the World Fantasy Award for 2006. The story of this book narrated based on two remarkable characters: a teenage boy and Kafka Tamura. They were running away from home either to escape a heinous prophecy.


Takekurabe is a famous Japanese novel written by Ichiyo Higuchi. Edward Seidensticker translated this book into English as Growing Up. This Japanese novella was written in 1895–96. The central theme of this novel is children who are living on the edge of Yoshiwara. That is the only district of Edo and that Edo licensed for prostitution.

Taketori Monogatari

The Taketori Monogatari book is also well-known to readers as Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. This book first published in the 10th-century by an anonymous writer. Yasunari Kawabata translated this book into Eglish. This book narrated based on the 10th-century Japanese folklore. Taketori Monogatari’s book is the oldest existing Japanese prose narrative, which is also known as the tale of Princess Kaguya.

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