Atomic Habits By James Clear – Book Review, Summary And Ratings

Atomic Habits By James Clear – Book Review, Summary and Ratings

We are surrounded and controlled by our habits. Our habits define us. I can’t really finish writing about the importance of building good habits. And the same thing goes for the bad one. I can not finish telling you the bad impact of bad habits in our life. We all know that. But somehow, we can not change our habits easily because our habits control our subconscious mind.

Such as, if you build a habit of smoking after dinner, you’ll automatically be forced by your subconscious mind to do it every day. And getting out of those habits is very much important. These bad habits are making our life miserable. I’ve recently got a book to review about habits. The name of the book is Atomic Habits. James Clear writes this book.

In this article, I will try to find out what is inside the book. And I’ll be trying to bring reasons for reading it. Here in the following, you will get a short bio of the author, and then we will jump inside the book. And there I’ll try to give a summary of the book. And in the end, there will be some reviews and ratings of the book.

About The Author

James Clear is an American writer who was born in Hamilton, Ohio. He is not only a writer he is also an entrepreneur and also a photographer in 25+ countries. He’s the author of the book Atomic Habits. A creator of the Habit Journal and he publishes a 3-2-1 newsletter each week. James clear is also a public speaker. He’s running a blog since 2012, and he regularly publishes articles there.

James Clear basically writes about building good habits. You can say he is a habit expert. His book Atomic Habits were sold more than 4 million copies. That made him a bestselling author in New York Times. He’s a very active writer; you can follow him on his social platforms and subscribe to him for email newsletters in his blog.

Inside the Book “Atomic Habits By James Clear”

Every material and substance is full of thousands and millions of small particles or atoms. And the characteristics of these small particles together define the characteristics of the material. This is just like our life. Each of our habits together decides how we are. The book Atomic Habit says that even a small habit can greatly impact our lives in the long term. In the following, I’ll try to take some key takeaways from the book Atomic Habits.

Small Habits Can Have Big Impact on Life

Suppose that an airplane has arrived for New York from Los Angeles. If the plane’s pilot moves the plane only 3.5 degrees to the south while taking off, you may not notice any changes inside the plane. No one will notice the change from inside. But this very small change can lead this plane to land in Washinton, DC, instead of New York. We do not value small changes in our lives because the immediate impact of those is very tiny.

If you are 100 KGs and running today for 1 hour, you’ll still be at the same. In the same way, if you take a large size pizza in your dinner, your weight will remain the same. But if you keep doing this every day, you’ll notice a very big change in your body. Then changes will occur too slowly that you can not notice at first.

If you want to bring positive life changes, you have to trust the process and keep patience, and you have to continue the habit. If your bank balance is zero now, keep saving a tiny amount each month. And now you can say that you are going on the right way of building a good habit. The immediate result is hard to see at first.

This book has many amazing ideas of how you can build habits that can have a really good impact on your life. This book was a New York Times bestselling book that has a very positive impact on many people’s lives worldwide. If you are struggling in building your habits or removing any, this book may help you a lot.


I am at the end of today’s book review about the book Atomic Habits. I’ve already tried to give a glimpse of the book and also about the author. Hopefully, you got an idea about the book from this article. This book has a very decent rating and reviews. This book is liked by 95% of Google users. In, this book got 4.8 ratings out of 5. In Goodreads, this book got 4.36 ratings out of 5. If you have already read the book, please tell us the best takeaways from the book in the following comment section.


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