As A Man Thinketh – Book Review, Ratings And Summary

As a Man Thinketh – Book Review, Ratings and Summary

As a kid of this modern generation, I feel difficult to read philosophical books that were written more than a hundred years ago. But believe me, not for this one. The book As a Man Thinketh is one of the best modern philosophical books that was published in 1903 by James Allen. The book is about the human thought process and how this thought process builds up a human being and Its circumstances. I found the book very easy to read and easy to understand. And I’ve decided to review this out cause this book has become one of my favourites. Here in this article, I’ll give a short bio of the author and then I’ll jump inside the book.

About the Author

James Allen was a British philosophical writer who was known as the father of modern philosophies. The author is also known as a pioneer of the self-help movement. James Allen was born on 28 November 1964 in Leicester, England, United Kingdom. The book As a Man Thinketh is one of his best books and it became highly popular after publishing in 1903. The book was translated into dozens of languages around the world.  This book has been a source of self-help thoughts and motivations of many motivational speakers around the world. Since his book was released, still it is raising in sales and mass production. The author set an amazing movement in modern philosophies that still in people’s hands and hearts.

Inside The Book

This is a book that can change your entire thoughts and attitude about your life. This is a small book but with huge information and simple deep knowledge about our life. The name of the book indicates what’s inside it. This book is about the thought process of human being and how human thoughts can have an impact on life. If I some up the book in a line, the line would be,

We are what we think.

Our life does not grow in a blink of an eye. It takes time. We slowly grow up in a process. And our thoughts took us to this point in life. The book says that we can not do anything without thinking of it. Even if we do not aware of things that are spontaneous and deliberately executed. Our character builds upon our thoughts and thinking. The very common problem of our modern generation that we often get depressed easily. The book says about it,

Man who has evil thoughts, pain comes to him as the wheel comes ox’s behind. A man who purifies himself with positive thoughts joy follows him as his own shadow. Let me give you an example of how this line can really make sense. Suppose your brain is a field. If you plant bitter squash, you’ll harvest bitter squash for sure. If you plant sweet apple or strawberry, you’ll harvest the sweet apple or strawberry surely.

Another thing I’ve learned from the book is that the life we are living now and the situation we are in is just because of our thoughts. Our thinking has taken us to this point in life. Life always gives us options to choose from. We choose according to our thoughts and thinking. Many people often blame others for the situation of their life. Which is totally wrong on almost every point. The situation has just given him the chance to reveal what was in his mind.

This is a more than philosophical books. This book has been a role model for modern philosophy since it was published. Many motivational speakers in the world still keep this book in the front line of their favourite books.


The book has changed my perspective about life. Since I saw a review of this book by a famous Indian self-help public speaker, I became a fan of this book. I got a translated copy and finished reading it. The book has some really amazing knowledge and thoughts. If you want to read a practical philosophical book, this book can be a very good option for you.

Now let’s see some public rating about this book. The book As a Man Thinketh got 4.26-star ratings in Goodreads out of 5. Which is a very decent score as a self-help book. If you have already read the book, please share your favourite takeaways from it with us.


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